Doorbell with inbuilt visitor statistics display

Doorbell with inbuilt visitor statistics display

Website stats are an obsession for some people. How many visitors? What age are they? How long do they spend on the site? The list goes on. Here is my idea to take this statistical obsession one step further. A doorbell with built in home visitor statistics display. (C) Dominic Wilcox


  1. This is probably going to be commonplace in the future, with our computer-outfitted houses and cyborg implants which identify us and communicate with all surrounding electronics. (see “Kevin Warwick”)

    well, what of privacy?

  2. 我相信门控社区的警卫已经拥有这项技术。我想知道人们可以在公共领域的那种信息做些什么。定制他们的公寓以获得最大的“击中”?

  3. 一旦我们都有像动物一样的RDIF植入物,这种门铃会起作用,但在担保中,这些统计数据可以在进入建筑物的每个人都使用刷卡。

  4. [...]Would you like to opt for this unusual doorbell depends entirely on whether you want others to know who visits you ;). Inspired by visitor statistics on websites, this doorbell can have extended usage in terms of security. It is definitely an idea way ahead of its time and may find a more decorative-to-have usage now. Via: Variationsonnormal […]

  5. I would want to add referrer details (“who told you where I live?”) and bounce rate (“hi, can I come in?” “no”) and also set up a conversion funnel to measure drop-off between front door and bedroom.

    Er, the last bit is a slightly creepy idea, but there’s no other room in the house that it makes sense for; who would measure door-to-kitchen conversion? So, for the sake of the joke, I am willing to look slightly creepy.

  6. 伟大的想法。我总是遵循你的想法并应用它们。


    Just curious..


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