Hello again

我上次发布了3年了。我想我在短片后停了下来The Reinvention of Normal关于我出来了。我淹没了面试要求,并做有趣的项目,并谈论我对创造力的看法。这一切都很棒,但这意味着我不再有时间和空间在这里写下东西。其中一个要求是邀请成为斯蒂芬COLBERT的延迟节目的客人。这是最后一部分的视频,但我在大约7分钟内显示出其他7件事。有一天,我应该写一篇关于它的帖子。

Since last I posted I’ve started a worldwide children’s project calledLittle Inventors,在联合国讲话,并在我的家乡桑德兰大学的艺术和设计中作出了荣誉博士学位。

When I’m busy it keeps my mind in the normal day to day, but I need to get my thoughts outside of that place to find interesting ideas. So I’m going to return to this blog to use it as a sort of diary for me and place to share new ideas, big or small.

I began this blog in 2009 while living in Berlin for a few months and it changed my life. At the time, I was searching for some direction, not sure what I was doing or what I should be doing.

I’d gone through the best creative education I could have hoped for including an intense 2 years at the Royal College of Art in 2002. I learned a lot at the RCA but I lost myself a little when surrounded by famous designer tutors all giving advice and me testing myself to see if I could apply my imagination to the various design briefs we were set. Then I had a few years working with a friend I’d met on the course, we were called Mosley meets Wilcox. We did some interesting work including collaborating with a famous photographer Mick Rock designing some objects inspired by his photos of Bowie, Blondie and Lou Reed. Then from 2006 I went solo and drifted along, not sure as to what I should do.

I was interested in things that didn’t fit neatly in the design or art world at that time so I couldn’t rely on the support of the art gallery system, but I also wasn’t interested in designing things for mass production. I just didn’t know where my work fitted in the world or how to show it, and so I sat about not doing much.

I lived in London but decided to visit Berlin for a few months for a change of perspective and to try to sort my head out. I visited Gorlitzer park and sat watching some old punk rockers playing golf and frisbee each day. I had some sketchbooks of ideas that I’d always talked about putting together as a book but never quite got around to it. Boredom is a great motivator and I had the idea, while sitting in the park, to start a blog called Variations on Normal. I uploaded 7 invention idea drawings and it got picked up by a big website called digg.com. Suddenly I had people commenting on my work. I’d found a way to show my work and it motivated me to keep adding more ideas and things took off from there.


4 thoughts on “Hello again”

  1. So true…about the doing. I need heed that more. Glad you’re back to the blog. I enjoy these and they inspire me!


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